How to Do Floor Cleaning? – Call Office Cleaning Services Singapore

Well, one can find a broad range of office cleaning products available in the market to help clean floors clean and glossy. There are certain areas in the office like reception, ways to café area or some other areas that are prone to more traffic and floors tend to receive dirt easily. Challenging stains might come up and need to be removed occasionally which would require quality cleaning gadgets. If you get into the market, the industry spot is full of them but the hardest component is on deciding what precisely their use is of. And here is you would require office cleaning services from professionals time to time.

Ultimately, you cannot get by obtaining cleaning floors scrubbers, sponges or vinegar remedies. They are certainly the ones that would be required but rough and corrosive dirt would require to be tested before in the area specifically in which prospect hurt will not be easily observed.

If you are planning to hire cleaners permanently as most of the people do, this would just increase your human resource budget. You can easily get professional office cleaners Singapore who can provide better services from time to time when required for specific cleaning. The services would cost you less than what you would pay regular to the permanent employed ones.

Also take time to look at different office cleaning companies in Singapore around your region. Communicate to them what you are looking for, ask for quotes, and check their previous work. Once you have few names with details with you, choose the one that complete your requirements.

What’s That Spot in Your Office Carpet?

We all know it: We would not give a thought to cleaning the carpet unless there’s a big stain or mess on it. What we all probably do is JUST VACCUUM it every now and then. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple.

Your carpet get repeatedly stepped on and over time: dirt, dust, and salt accumulate. This would mutilate the fibers and you might have to replace your carpet sooner. Dirty carpets give bad impression, bad odors and bad sanitary conditions. And these are not good for your business.

Many would try their own DIY methods rather than employing a professional carpet cleaning company. This might be because they had this back in their mind that it would be expensive, might ruin their carpet, not professional, and would not know what type of product would be used. This is true in some sense also, as you explore on web; you would find tons of articles on how to choose a right carpet cleaning company. More you read there are chances that more you get confused.

Well, I think you should chalk out 2-3 carpet cleaning services provider after talking to your friends, checking locals or someone who has recently used any of these cleanings services. Set a Meetup with the company, get quotes and choose the one you find the best for job.

Carpet Cleaning- Enhance Aesthetic Beauty of Interiors

In any building carpet in one of the items that accumulate a considerable amount of dust. Even with best of your efforts, you may not be able to remove all the dirt and stains. Therefore, the ideal approach would be to look for professional services of carpet cleaning in Singapore.

A distinct job:

Carpet cleaning is not like cleaning your routine attire; it is a distinct job. Over a period of time, dust accumulates over the carpet. Stains on the carpet caused by spilling of coffee or some other products are not uncommon. Vacuuming or routine washing is not enough to get rid of the dust and the stains.

From this point of view carpet cleaning in Singapore acquires its significance. The salient features of the carpet cleaning services could be further explained as follows:

  • Normally, carpet cleaning services adopt deep cleaning procedure. By this, it would be possible to remove almost all hidden dust. They use appropriate stain removers to get rid of the stubborn stains. Further, over a period of time, chemical based disinfectants can damage the carpet. Therefore, it is advisable that firms which provide carpet cleaning services should use organic disinfectants. Such disinfectants will not cause any adverse reaction on the carpet.
  • Some of the carpet cleaning services use unique hot water or steam procedure to clean the carpet. This procedure, apart from getting rid of stubborn dust, also kills germs and insects hidden inside the carpet.
  • The trained and experienced personnel come in their own van, which is fully equipped with all the modern carpet cleaning gadgets, including water. They use appropriate driers, which enable them to dry the carpet in a matter of one or two hours.

Reasonable service charges;

Efficient carpet cleaning service helps you to keep the environment in hygienic condition. Understandably, a thoroughly cleaned carpet adds to aesthetic beauty of the interior of the building. You may wonder the service charges of from leading carpet cleaning services Singapore are considerably reasonable.

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3 Signs of a High Professional Cleaning Services Company in Singapore

A company’s reputation is placed on the line every day. And it all starts with a cleaned office. To maintain your property, commercial cleaning holds the key and is very important. What required is that you want to convey a clean professional image to your clients. If you are looking to outsource your cleaning duties, here are few signs that would help you in deciding which cleaning company Singapore can offer the best professional services and experts:


Are you calls answered?

Everyone gets busy. But if your first call does not provide you satisfactory answers then janitorial provider is not going to garner many rave reviews. When you contact an office cleaning company, the response should be quick.

Affordable service fees

A professional cleaning services company would always add value to the task. They give you the clean area with peace of mind and of course their service fees are worth it. It always good to check out the promotions they are running too.

Who is coming up on working day?

A company that understands your requirement would only send the personal to do the job for you who understands your preferences and know the regular needs. Also, giving a call before to know about who is coming is always handy. A good company would certainly call you in between to keep check on how work is going on and if you have few concerns and requirements.


At Carpet Cleaning Singapore, we offer flexible cleaning packages that can be easily adapted with to suit your facility.

Why Office Carpet Cleaning is Required?

Carpet cleaning in office needs to be conducted in a commercial manner so that the carpet looks as good as new and always creates a nice ambiance. This will not only improve employee productivity but also create a good impression on the minds of the visitors. Further, unwanted flaws can also be easily curtailed and improved cleaning results of office cleaning can be obtained.

Offices always remain over-crowded with office staff and other guests, and thus there is a huge requirement of carpet cleaning services. This cleaning service needs to be conducted on a frequent basis so that unwanted hassles can be avoided along with the prevention of unhygienic ambiance. Office maintenance can be easily conducted by cleaning the dirty carpets frequently.

Dirty carpets cannot be kept for a long time, and this is the reason they need to be essentially cleaned. Though DIY cleaning can be done, but it is better to choose the professional carpet cleaning services. Offices covering larger spaces need extensive cleaning, and this is quite hectic and thus only experienced and reputed office cleaning services in Singapore must be chosen.

The most professional company needs to be chosen after going through the customer testimonials as these are quite useful in detecting the right professional who can deal with all kinds of carpet-cleaning services. In fact, carpet cleaning is now treated as one of the major aspects of office cleaning.

Popular types of carpet cleaning

  • Shampooing is one of the main carpet-cleaning services with the help of which the hidden dirt can be easily and efficiently extracted from interior layers of carpet fibers. In this case, the carpets are treated with liquid shampoos so that improved cleaning can be done.
  • Steam cleaning is usually conducted by means of powerful vacuum-cleaners. Steam is released from the vacuum cleaners so that the carpets can be efficiently cleaned without leaving any moisture. This kind of carpet-cleaning is categorized under the office cleaning services in Singapore.

Office Carpet Cleaning Process



Office Cleaning Services

8 Myths About Carpet Cleaning & Why Professional Should be Hired?

If it is carpet cleaning on your to-do list for this weekend, here are few myths to know:

  1. Vacuuming cleans the all dust away.
  2. It is a myth about woolen carpets that washing them would take away all shine and look of carpets.
  3. If it is your first carpet, wait as long as you can because once it is cleaned, it would lose the luster of being new.
  4. Dry cleaning is better than hot water extraction method of cleaning carpets.
  5. Products like carpet strainer remover from grocery store would be just as good as hiring any cleaning company in Singapore.
  6. It would just require vacuuming the carpet once in a week to keep it clean.
  7. Carpet would shrink on regular cleaning.
  8. I do not need to contact any professional for cleaning services. I can do it on my own.

It is recommended to hire a professional cleaning services company in Singapore to get high end results.It is beneficial because :

  1. It saves time
  2. You are not under Stress of cleaning carpet and if not done properly you might have a stain linger forever.
  3. It is healthy and hygienic to hire carpet cleaning services as they know how much to get down deep and dirty and hit all the spots to clean which you probably wouldn’t be able to do it yourself.
  4. Extends life of the carpet.
  5. Prevents mold growth and improves the air quality.
  6. Improve the comfort.
  7. Aesthetics of your home look and feel clean and tidy.
  8. Important to get the first job right done.